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1964 bugThe Best TV Spot. Ever. 

The Quintessential VW Commercial

When three young New York copywriters joined forces in the late 1950s to create one of America's most powerful and influential ad agencies, Bill Bernbach, Ned Doyle and Maxwell Dane reshaped the relationship between television viewers and the commercials they watched.  Doyle Dane Bernbach (or "DDB" as their agency came to be known) featured a minimalist copy style which let the visuals carry the message.  In a series of "Think Small" TV spots, they made Volkswagen a household name.

The beauty of DDB's 60-second snowplow commercial for the 1964 Volkswagen Beetle is its ability to deliver a masterpiece in just twenty-five words.  And here they are...

"Have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snowplow drives to the snowplow?  This one drives a Volkswagen.  So you can stop wondering."